75% Acetic Acid – Ethanoic Acid, 75% Concentration, General Purpose Chemicals, DIY Chemicals


  • 🧪 High-Purity Acetic Acid (Ethanoic Acid) – With a 75% concentration, this product offers a perfect balance of strength and safety for rust removal and cleaning in industrial settings.
  • 📷 Photographer Friendly – Expertly developed for high-quality photographic film processing, delivering consistent and reliable results every time.
  • 👍🏼 Eco-Friendly & Safe – Environmentally responsible and user safety-focused, this product is designed for safe handling across household and industrial applications with its balanced pH.
  • 📦 Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 – Our premium packaging and top-tier freight carriers ensure your product arrives undamaged and ready to use.
  • 🇺🇸 Manufactured & Packaged in the USA – DIYChemicals takes pride in manufacturing our acetic acid 100% in the United States. Help support an American business today!