Kelp Extract – Kelp Concentrate, Liquid or Powder, Organic Fertilizer, DIY Chemicals


  • ✅ Ultimate Kelp Extract Fertilizer – DIYChemicals liquid or powder kelp extract is a supplemental plant food that helps your seedlings, lawns, gardens, fruits, and vegetables grow and thrive!
  • 👍 Optimal for All Plants –  Kelp extract works with plants of all shapes, sizes, ages, soils, and seasons. From seedling to full adult maturity, this kelp concentrate is a must-have!
  • 💯 Increase Mineral Uptake – This liquid or powder kelp extract will help your plant absorb crucial minerals during its developmental process.
  • 📦 Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 – Premium packaging and top-tier freight carriers ensure your product arrives undamaged and ready to use.
  • 🇺🇸 Manufactured & Packaged in the USA– We at DIYChemicals take pride in manufacturing our kelp extract 100% in the United States. Help support an American business today!