Sodium Thiosulfate – Chlorine Neutralizer, Pool Cleaners & Chemicals, DIY Chemicals


  • ✔️ Sodium Thiosulfate (Crystals) commonly known as chlorine decreaser/neutralizer, will reduce free chlorine levels in commercial and residential swimming pools and spas.
  • 🌱 Great for Gardening – Use this solution to easily dechlorinate your garden water and ensure your plants receive pure and non-toxic water.
  • 🧪 Reduce Chlorination Toxicity – Prevent the buildup of chloramine and chlorine in your pool, hot tub, or irrigation system.
  • 📦 Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 – Premium packaging and top-tier freight carriers ensure your product arrives undamaged and ready to use.
  • 🇺🇸 Manufactured & Packaged in the USA – We at DIYChemicals take pride in manufacturing our “Chlorine Killer” solution right here in the United States. Please support our American business!